Understanding Caller ID

With SmartLine's caller ID feature, you can easily differentiate between business and personal calls, so you can answer your calls appropriately. On the other hand, outbound calls will show your business number, keeping your personal number private.

Incoming calls

When you receive an incoming call to your SmartLine number, your phone will display the caller's phone number. Your caller ID will also note that the caller dialed your SmartLine number, as opposed to your personal number. If you are unable to see the incoming caller ID information, the caller may have enabled caller ID blocking on their end. Also, make sure that you have notifications enabled on your phone.

Outgoing calls

When you make an outgoing call from the SmartLine app, your business phone number will appear on the recipient's caller ID. The ability to change your outgoing caller ID with your business name is currently not available. However, it is a feature we are looking to implement in the future.

More Info

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