About .cn domains

Features Availability
Who can register .CN domains? Anyone1
Domain name restrictions 3-63 characters in length
Registration length 1-10 years
Renewal length 1-10 years
Renewal restrictions None
Nameserver requirements
  • Maximum of 6
  • 1 required for website or email1
  • Unique IP address
Transfers to GoDaddy Supported
Transfers away Supported2
Private registration Not available
Protected Registration Not available
Backorders Not available
Bulk Registration Supported
Account change Supported
Contact updates Supported3
IDNs Supported (not available for com.cn, net.cn, org.cn)
Expiration/redemption Details below4
Refund policy 120 hours (5 days) without exceptions5
Registry CNNIC - China Internet Network Information Center


1 Websites & email

To use .CN domain names for websites or email, you must first activate the domain name through real name validation.

2 Transfers away from GoDaddy

  • The domain cannot be transferred if domain will expire within 15 days
  • A domain cannot be transferred for 60 days following a registration
  • Cannot transfer a domain for 60 days after a transfer
  • Cannot transfer a domain after a change of registrant for 60 days

3 Contact updates

  • If domain has not been activated, contact updates can be made freely.
  • If domain has been activated through real name validation, you can only update your registrant organization, first name, and last name by completing real name validation for the new information. Other contact information can be updated freely.

4 Expiration/redemption

Days after expiration State
Less than 15 Can be renewed without a fee
15-40 Can be renewed with redemption fee
Greater than 40 Removed from your account

5 Refund policy

The standard policy for domain refunds applies with the following additions/exceptions:

  • Failing to activate a .CN domain through real name validation does not extend the refund timeframe beyond 120 hours (5 days) after initial registration
  • Manually renewed domain names are non-refundable

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