Webサイト + マーケティング ヘルプ

Add or change my website's photo gallery



  1. GoDaddy商品ページに進みます。
  2. Scroll down, expand Websites + Marketing and select Manage next to your website.
  3. Select Edit Website or Edit Site.
  4. Go to the page and location where you want to add a photo gallery, and add a section.
  5. Select Image Gallery, and then Photo Gallery.
  6. Next to the gallery layout you want to use, select Add. You can always change the layout later.
  7. 右にあるパネルでオプションをカスタマイズします。レイアウトによってオプションは異なります。
    • レイアウト:ギャラリーの別のレイアウトを選択します。
    • アクセント:セクションの色として、あなたのテーマカラーか、白または黒を選択します。
    • Title: Enter a title, which will appear across the top of your gallery photos, or leave it blank. Here you can also use artificial intelligence (AI) to help you write a punchy title.

      Disclaimer: When using AI tools, avoid entering sensitive information and always review output for accuracy.

    • Full Width: When this toggle is switched on, the gallery is inset in the page or spans from edge to edge on the screen.
    • Show Thumbnails: When this toggle is switched on, thumbnails show beneath the image, which helps visitors to your site see which pictures are coming up, and they can click on a specific photo to jump to it.
    • Show Arrows: When this toggle is switched on, arrows are displayed, allowing site visitors to click left and right through your gallery.
    • Autoplay: When this toggle is switched on, the gallery automatically moves to the next image and pauses at intervals set by the Autoplay Timer (in seconds).
    • Gallery Images: Use the + to add more images, or select an image to modify, describe or remove it. Drag and drop the images within the Gallery Images area to change the order in which they are displayed.
    Note: Images can't have links, but you can add a description and link the description text.
  8. 変更は自動的に保存されます。結果を見るには「プレビュー」を使用し、変更を公開する準備ができたら、サイトの公開を行いましょう。