Creating drop-down menus for your website's navigation bar offers a great way to group pages and help visitors discover them — without having to click their way to each one. It also helps keep your navigation bar more compact.
Example drop-down menu

  1. GoDaddyアカウントにログインし、製品を開きます。(製品を開くのにお困りですか?
  2. 編集」/「サイトを編集」をクリックします。
  3. ページ」と「追加」を順にクリックします。
  4. Select Drop-down menu, add Menu Title, and click Create Menu.
    Choose Drop-down menu and name
  5. An empty drop-down menu appears in your Pages & Navigation list and the navigation bar.
    New drop-down menu appears in side panel
  6. メニューにページを追加するには次の方法があります。
    • Dragging existing pages so they sit under the drop-down menu in the Pages & Navigation panel.
      Drag existing pages under menu
    • Adding new pages by clicking the drop-down menu in the Pages & Navigation panel, selecting Add Page, filling in the Page Title, and clicking Create Page.
      Click Add Page then name page
  7. To see how the drop-down menu will look to customers, click Preview.
    Mobile preview of drop-down menu


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